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Bringing Theatre Into Your Home

Maybe you are looking for ways to get your child more involved with theatre, maybe you yourself want to learn more about theatre, or perhaps you just want to watch stage shows at home. Whatever your reasons, there are many ways to bring theatre into your home.


We are thankful that NBC brings a live production into millions of homes each year. In case you missed Peter Pan Live, they have it available online. (We hear that next year they are going to showcase The Music Man!) We are glad that this gives many people an opportunity to be exposed to theatre in a new and fresh light. We are equally as grateful that PBS also brings shows into the living room on shows like Live from Lincoln Center.

Below are some other ways you can watch stage productions on your computer to either stream to a TV for your family to watch or just to watch personally.

First up is Digital Theatre. They claim to showcase the best of British theatre. They have titles from Shakespeare to Musicals and they even offer ballet and other stage mediums. This is a great one-stop shop for watching stage shows at home.

Of course, when speaking of British theatre Shakespeare comes to mind. And when speaking of Shakespeare, one can't exclude the Globe Theatre. Thankfully, allows you to watch many plays on their website.

The Kennedy Center provides exclusive access to performances available online as well. Best of all... they are offered for free!

Fortunately, many shows have been produced on the big screen and small screen. Netflix has a pretty good library of musicals and theatrical productions available to subscribers.

Those are our recommendations. How about you? Did we leave out your favorite way to watch stage shows at home? Let us know in the comments below!






A Celebration of the Past

Disney on Broadway is celebrating 20 years!

It seems like just yesterday Beauty and the Beast debuted on Broadway, but it was 20 years ago. If you caught the special on ABC Family on December 14, 2014, you had a glimpse into the what it takes to put on a production like that.

The special was hosted by Jesse Tyler Ferguson of Modern Family fame. He gave a fantastic look backstage with the Broadway casts of Disney’s “The Lion King”, “Aladdin” and the North American Tour of “Newsies”. 

“Backstage with Disney on Broadway: Celebrating 20 Years,” also featured music from the Disney on Broadway catalog, including special musical performances from Sir Elton John, Sam Palladio and Clare Bowen (ABC’s “Nashville”), Ashley Brown (“Mary Poppins”) and Adam Jacobs (“Aladdin”).

In addition to the one we posted below, you can see these performances on Disney on Broadway's YouTube channel.

Beauty and the Beast as produced in 2007 by Actors Community Theatre
Can you tell who is in this picture? Tell us in your comment below!

ACT has a rich history that we are very proud of. I reached back into the vault from our 59th Season in 2007 and found the photo below of people in our production of Beauty and the Beast.


If you have photos from your favorite ACT production that you would like to share as we develop our historical database over the next year or so, please email us at






Doing Things A Little Differently

Almost the entire Board of Directors seated at Los Bravos during the December meeting.
Almost the entire Board of Directors seated at Los Bravos during the December meeting.

Whether it's deciding new shows or planning the direction Actors Community Theatre is going in, we usually get a lot accomplished in most of our meetings throughout the year. There is one exception. Our annual Christmas meeting. Usually at this meeting we don't do anything but go over minutes from the prior meeting and the financial statement. This time, it was just about the truth except Andy had to bring a new marketing report. That started a brainstorming session that normally doesn't happen at this meeting. What can I say? We couldn't help ourselves. We are always thinking about how to make this organization better for the community, even when we are trying to make merry!


As keen observers might note that there is a person missing from the photo. Doreen Lechner was fulfilling her duties at the Jasper Arts Center and unfortunately could not make it. She sent a message later that night... she was also spending her time as Director for The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged thinking about casting for our new show.


We have just had auditions for The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged earlier this week and had many people show up. I was at both auditions and I know that this was not an easy decision. Although not everyone could possibly be chosen, the talent that was presented in these auditions were the kind we like to see! We strongly encourage those of you who attended auditions to come back for School House Rock, Live auditions this summer.


Well, without further ado, I present to you the cast of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged: Heath Kluemper, Joshua Murrell, Anthony Price, and Kyle Rupert.


Doreen and the Technical Directors (Jasmine Ruckriegel and Luke Verkamp) are also asking for help backstage in many different aspects including board operators, costumers and prop masters. If you are interested, please let us know by emailing us at






The Carol That You Sing Right Within Your Heart

O'Tannebaum Days is happening this weekend and ACT was honored to be a part of it. A group of us braved the rain on Saturday and went store to store singing our hearts out. We enjoyed all of the hospitality we received in each store and Libby's even caught us in the act! We got a little damp as we went along, but our spirits were not dampened in the slightest. The highlight for many of us was getting to close the caroling with accompaniment by Wade Baker on the trumpet.

If you would like to be a part of our group, you are more than welcome to join us. It doesn't cost anything and we do fun things like this regularly. We also offer workshops and master classes.


In fact, this week you have the perfect opportunity to get involved as we are holding auditions for The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged on both Monday and Tuesday evening from 6pm to 8pm at the Jasper Arts Center. There are three male roles in the show that have to be filled and we could use some help backstage and preshow in several capacities.


Please email us at if you would like more information on how to become involved.