Show Dates and Times

July 27-29 at 7:30 and July 30 at 2:00

at the Jasper Arts Center

Please email to accept your role by April 30th. 


First cast introduction/read-thru will be Sunday, May 21st at 4pm at the Jasper Arts Center.


Principal cast members who would like a copy of the script before that time should contact the director at (812) 309-3268 or

The Cast

Bartley, Grace Fagin's Gang, Workhouse Children
Begle, Kyla Adult Ensemble
Bray, Mason Nipper/Fagin's Gang, Workhouse Children
Buechler, Sara Workhouse Children
Chapman, Addison Workhouse Children
Chapman, Sophia Workhouse Children
Czerwinski, Ryla Workhouse Children
Daugherty, Molly Mrs. Sowerberry, Adult Ensemble
Decker, Morgan Bet
Dunn, Steven Mr. Bumble
Eckert, Abby Lamplighter, Funeral Procession, Adult Ensemble
Eckman, Wes Fagin's Gang, Workhouse Children
Fraser, Neela Fagin's Gang, Workhouse Children
Frisz, Emily Workhouse Children
Fritch, Ethan Captain/Fagin's Gang, Funeral Procession
Fritz, Jill Widow Corney
Gasaway, Grace Funeral Procession, Adult Ensemble
Goodwin, Gabby Fagin's Gang, Workhouse Children
Gootee, Phillip Mr. Sowerberry, Man, Adult Ensemble
Greene, Chantal Gang Boy(Girl), Fagin's Gang, Workhouse Children
Greener, Jack Dr. Grimwig, Large Governor, Second Bow Street Runner, Adult Ensemble
Grow, Emma Nancy
Grow, Gabriel First Bow Street Runner, Governor, Adult Ensemble
Grow, Lydia Fagin's Gang, Funeral Procession, Adult Ensemble
Harrison, Alex Funeral Procession, Adult Ensemble
Helming, Oliver Workhouse Children
Hess, Abby Milkmaid, Governor, Adult Ensemble
Hollingsworth, Isabelle Workhouse Children
Kleiman, Alexis Fagin's Gang, Funeral Procession, Adult Ensemble
Kleiman, Ashleigh Girl, Funeral Procession, Adult Ensemble
Kunz, Kai Fagin's Gang, Workhouse Children
Lasher, Evie Workhouse Children
Lechner, Reilly Oliver Twist
Linette, Claire Workhouse Children
Lueken, Faustina Fagin's Gang, Funeral Procession
Maher, Sullivan Second Man, Funeral Procession, Adult Ensemble
Martin, Callista Fagin's Gang, Workhouse Children
Mayhall, Tan Fagin
Middleton, Grace Charlotte, Adult Ensemble
Miller, Elijah Noah Claypole, Runner, Adult Ensemble
Miller, Jadd Mr. Brownlow
Miranda, Jonnel Knife-Grinder, Hussar, Governor
Nelson, Amy Fagin's Gang, Workhouse Children
Osterman, Samuel Boy, Fagin's Gang, Workhouse Children
Pund, Leandra Maid, Adult Ensemble
Randolph, Carolyn Old Sally, Adult Ensemble
Randolph, Carter Workhouse Children
Randolph, Joe Chairman, First Man, Adult Ensemble
Reiman, Brayden Charley Bates/Fagin's Gang, Workhouse Children
Roy, Penelope Workhouse Children
Rupert, Kyle Bill Sikes
Sell, Linda Mrs. Bedwin
Shappard, Sam Workhouse Children
Sibrel, Dorothy First Woman, Governor, Adult Ensemble
Tuggle, August Rose Seller, Adult Ensemble
Uebelhor, Mya Workhouse Children
Wagoner, Waden The Artful Dodger
Warner, Zoie Workhouse Children
Werne, Ava Workhouse Children
Whitsitt, Ashley Strawberry Seller, Matron, Funeral Procession, Adult Ensemble
Winchester, Michaela Second Woman, Funeral Procession, Adult Ensemble
Wolf, Ella Workhouse Children
Wolf, Leo Fagin's Gang, Workhouse Children
Wright, Katelyn Workhouse Children