Show Dates and Times

July 6-8 and 13-15 at 7:00 PM

at Lincoln Amphitheatre

The dance ensemble is a large group of movers. From those movers we will determine a dance corps.This will be done during the rehearsal process. 


The first rehearsal will be Saturday, May 13th from 8am to 2pm CT at The Lincoln Amphitheatre. Please bring a pencil, wear cool, comfortable clothes and something for lunch. We will give you a break, but you will not have time to leave the theatre. 


Please email to accept your role by April 30th. 


Please download the tentative schedule and mark your calendars. We expect cast members to be at every rehearsal they are called for unless it was marked on their conflict sheets during the audition process. 


Tentative Rehearsal Schedule
act rehearsal schedule 1.docx
Microsoft Word Document 19.2 KB

The Cast

Austin, Brice

Boy Aaron (pg 1 - 31), ensemble

Blalock, Courtney


Brown, Jalyn

Jim, Dance Ensemble

Bray, Mason

Children’s ensemble

Carter, Gavin

Aaron Grigsby (pg 32 - on), 1st Angry Man, Man 4 (fight), dance ensemble

Daugherty, Molly

Mrs. Brooner, dance ensemble

Decker, Morgan

Nancy Hanks Lincoln, dance ensemble

Denu, Shane

Ruben Grigsby, Reverend, Auctioneer, dance ensemble

Devillez, Lydia

Children’s chorus

Dorrell, Dean

President Lincoln

Dumond, Jeffrey

Thomas Lincoln, ensemble

Fritch, Ethan

Boy Abe (pg 1 - 31), ensemble

Gootee, Phillip

Mr. Crawford, Tom Sparrow, ensemble

Greener, Jack

Billboard man, ensemble

Greenwood, Sophia

Young Sarah (pg 1 - 31), ensemble

Grow, Emma

Dance ensemble

Grow, Gabriel

Young Abe (pg 32 - 60), Man 3 (fight), dance ensemble

Hedinger Olivia

Dance ensemble

Hermann, Matthew

Teen Abe (pg 60 - 94), dance ensemble

Hopf, Ella

Children’s ensemble

Kleiman, Alexis


Kleiman, Ashleigh

Elizabeth, ensemble

Lechner, Reilly

Henry Brooner, Tracker, Man 2, dance ensemble

Martin, Calista

Ann Roby, children’s ensemble

Miller, Elijah

John D., wrestler, Man 1, dance ensemble

Miranda, Jonnel

Dennis Hanks, Fishmonger, dance ensemble

Murray, Paige

Mrs. Grigsby, Madam, Dance ensemble

Murray, Randy

Tunker, ensemble

Nesmith, Colin

Allen, Slavemaster, Politician, dance ensemble

Osterman, Samuel

Children’s ensemble

Patterson, Melanie

Dance ensemble

Rumbach, Cameron

Children’s ensemble

Rupert, Molly

Sarah (pg 32 - on), dance ensemble

Schaaf, Bud

Peter Brooner, Mr. Gentry, Buyer

Seebode, Abby

Lucy Brooner, ensemble

Shappard, Sam

Boy Nattie (pg 1 - 31), children’s ensemble

Sibrel, Dorothy

Betsy Sparrow, ensemble

Smith, Tyler

Sinbad, dance ensemble

Tuggle, August

Matilda, ensemble

West, Claire

Children’s ensemble

Whitehouse, Weston

Nattie (pg 32 - on), 2nd Angry Man, dance ensemble

Whitsitt, Ashley

Dance ensemble

Woolston, Camille

Sally, dance ensemble