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ACT relies on volunteers like you

It takes a lot to make a script come to life. At ACT, our volunteers are the real stars of the show. For every ACT production, set builders, costume and prop masters, sound and lighting technicians, musicians, and actors create the mise-en-scene that helps the audience escape into our entertaining, thought-provoking productions. Ushers, ticket takers, and box office attendants greet the audience and prepare them for an amazing theatre experience. In addition, green room helpers prepare performers and back-of-house experts for that night’s performance. So, whatever your talent, you have a part to play at ACT!

Set Build / Carpenter

The Set Builder/Carpenter follows the direction of the Set Build Leader in executing the design of the Set Designer in putting together the shows set.

Wooden Boards
Fabric Patterns

Costume / Props

The Costumes and Props person follows the direction of the Director in procuring and fitting costume pieces and necessary props for the production.


The Sound Assistant assists the Sound Designer in setup and configuration of equipment and microphones, operates playback equipment, and operates the board during the show

Sound Equipment
Colored Theatre Lights


The Lights Assistant assists the Light Designer with the realization of the lighting design and helps maintain the lighting equipment during the production. The Lighting Assistant may perform various running crew positions such as follow spot operator and light board operator.


Green Room Assistant

The Green Room Assistant’s primary responsibility is to assist the backstage staff with ensuring the younger performers are onstage and prepared for their scenes during performances.

Ticket Scanning

Ticket Takers confirm that patrons have purchased a ticket and welcome patrons into performance spaces.

Image by Claudio Schwarz
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